Success Staffing Services, Inc.consists of a proud team of skilled employees who are relied upon by many companies throughout New Jersey. Your professionalism, job performance, attitude,and reliability will help ensure that our clients request you back, or hire you on a permanent basis. You will be offered assignments based upon skill, availability, travel and salary requirements. The rest is up to you.

Resumé Writing
: A current, well-written Resumé is a must in order to effectively market oneself. Success Staffing provides well-crafted services to those who are seeking employment, looking for a better opportunity, or needs an existing Resumé brought to life. Jump-start your career and show you are worth a higher salary by having a top-notch Resumé on hand. This will be the best investment you make.

Temporary: You determine when you are available for work and Success Staffing will supply you with short term assignments so you can keep up your skills, gain experience and earn an income.

Temp-Hire: After working a few months as a Success Staffing employee, you will have a better indication if this job is something you would be interested in on a permanent basis. If it is a mutual fit, our client is able to hire you directly and Success Staffing will make all the necessary arrangements for you to become a permanent employee.

Permanent Placement: When clients request a direct hire of an employee for their company, Success Staffing will set up the introduction interview. If it is mutually agreed upon, you will be hired directly by the company, and will receive your salary and benefits from the company. There is never a fee to you. Interested applicants are encouraged to send a resume or contact us to set up a necessary appointment.