When using Success Staffing Services, Inc., to find the qualified candidate you demand and deserve, you alleviate the expense and time consuming tasks associated with advertising, screening resumes, handling high volume phone inquiries and scheduling initial interviews. We offer only the best candidates to choose from when making crucial hiring decisions. Consequently, your administrative costs will be reduced.

Temporary & Temp-Hire Workers: Success Staffing temporaries are our employees. We handle the Salary, Payroll Taxes, Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability, and Bonding for the workers until they become a permanent employee of your company. We are responsible for the Unemployment Costs in case you decide the employee is no longer needed. By adding on temporary employees, you can prevent penalties associated with mandatory health coverage, if your full-time workforce reaches the maximum threshold . Success Staffing can help you avoid this burden.

Permanent Employees
: The candidate Success Staffing chooses for you to interview and hire will be based on your requirements and specifications to the job opening. You won't incur any cost for our service until the right person is hired for the position. You will find our fee is very reasonable and it includes a 60-Day Guarantee.

Applicant Transfer: If your company recruits their own employee, but isn’t quite ready to put them on the company’s payroll, Success Staffing will handle all the administrative work, necessary interviews and paperwork for your company. We provide weekly paychecks to these employees. With this plan, your company can hire them anytime, without any further costs or obligation.